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Online Platform

Vision and Mission

AirSports aim to improve Chinese international students' athletic skills and establish an athletic culture community. Students at all levels can act as a mentor for beginners, to share experiences and give tips. Other opportunities such as finding sports partners at the same level to communicate sports skills, chat about sports games online or practice offline are provided to students.

Vision and Mission

Airsports is an emerging online platform

AirSports is a burgeoning online platform that provides Chinese students who play sports in the US to exchange athletic experiences and make friends.  The website will arrange users into Wechat groups based on their location, sport, and level.


Vision and Mission

We welcome you to join us

Now the AirSports open registration to all Chinese international students and we are welcome your talents to join such an athletic focused community and professional platform.

We will contact you after you submit the registration form. Looking forward to see you in our community!

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